About MIK3 J

Michael also known as Mike J is a producer, sound engineer and musician from southern Sweden. Since early years he have devoted his life to music, first as a piano player and later played in a few rock bands. In college he studied music theory and later to a music producer degree in university. A few years ago he began producing music tracks in the Digital audio workstations Fl studio and Studio one where he also recorded bands and artists.

The music production has now resulted in a catalog in hip hop, pop and house instrumentals. 

The focus on the music from Mik3 J is to include real recorded instruments and sampling from real instruments to get a more organic and melodic sound. Also the use of synthesisers and keyboard are a prominent part of his sound with less focus on samples.



Looking at the catalog of beats the intended use is for recording artists that are serious about their career and all beats are mixed and mastered to a commercial standard. For every instrumental the buyer gets booth a mastered and unmastered version to be able to fit in the vocals in to the mix better.

To help out the artist there is also tips and tutorials about recording and music promotion that is offered to all mail subscribers. For the moment the catalog of beats is growing and if there more instrumentals needed for a specific sound there is a possibibilty to get a custom track made for the unlimited and exclusive contracts.

For any questions or request you can always contact Mik3 J on the form below or send an email. Looking forward working with and helping serious artists!

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